"We are cultural and musical preservationists. We bring people together to honor our roots and pay homage to our ancestors through music, drum and dance.
¡WEPA! provides a foundation and shrine to experience the true meaning of tradition, joy and freedom."


Monday, August 19, 2013

WEPA NYC presents "Honoring Our Ancestors"

 WEPA NYC presents “Honoring Our Ancestors”, 
a free outdoor celebration that asks participants to look back
to our roots and honor those who’ve gone before us.  
Hosted by: Joann Jimenez

In these days of social media, it’s easy to lose touch with who
we really are and our human connection. We are descendants of
people who made sacrifices so that we could live a better life.
Let’s keep their memory alive and share our heritage,
especially with the children.

We are honored to share this day with the House Coalition.
Luis Vargas will be hosting an appreciation picnic for those
who participated at this year's NYC Dance Parade.

At the end, we are all ONE.

In tribute to our ancestors, we are encouraging wellness of
body, mind and soul. We are looking for Yoga, Tai-Chi,
Meditation, Nutrition, Dance, Zhumba, Stretching,
Health Drinks, etc... Please contact Joann Jimenez 
if you would like to participate.

Music by:
Michael Casiano and Special Guests

Drum Circle begins at sunset... bring instruments, a blanket,
elders, children, anything you'd like to share and an
offering for "The Tree of Life". Pets are welcomed.

Please visit link to make a donation towards:
Porto-Potties, Sound-Generator-Truck Rental, Water, Ice,
Food, Flowers-Candles-Decorations, Arts + Crafts, Drummers, etc...

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